“HARASHA” the name is not enough. Harasha is the energy conceived from the heart of our Great Mother (Late Smt. Asha Singla) and the power of our founder Chairman Sh. Harish Singla. Harasha is the rays of sun which comes from so many brilliant mind and love of Harasha family. That is why Harasha is HAR KI ASHA KI EK KIRAN. (A truth of everyone in each other and rays of hope to do something).

“HARASHA PHARMA” is a Pharmaceutical Company founded in the year 1994 and later as converted into a Pvt. Ltd. Company in the year 1997.

“HARASHA PHARMA” is a Manufacturing & Exporting Company dedicated to provide best quality products in Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Nutraceuticals, Homeopathic, Healthcare & OTC products Since 1991.

We are at continuous endeavour to meet the rising demand for Natural product through its dedicated research, focusing on achieving a healthy living and longevity. Our contended customers are our driving forces who encourage and motivate us to strive for excellence.

“HARASHA PHARMA” product portfolio is blended with nature and innovation featuring curative solutions for cardiac, diabetic, liver, gastrointestinal & neural ailments with a collection of lifestyle products for men & women of all age groups.  Our expertise helps in blending the right  formulation for delivering a world-class products to mankind. Our inquisitiveness to elevate the relationship between pet and their owners helps delivering a  broad range of veterinary products too.

Currently, we are the exporting to Ivory coast, Jamaica, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, EL-Salvador, Cambodia, Sudan, Rwanda, Haiti and many more.

Our Vision

To be a global pharmaceutical company, most admired for its Affordability, Quality and Accessibility of products.
Global:We provide pharmaceutical products across different geographic regions.
Pharmaceutical Company : We strive to continuously innovate and deliver medications that meet the growing needs of society.
Widely Recognized :We are respected and recognized by our patients, employees and even our competitors for delivering world-class products while maintaining our patient centricity, values and ethics.
Affordability: We provide cost-effective and innovative healthcare solutions.
Quality: We believe in providing superior quality products to our customers.
Accessibility: Our products are available across the length and breadth of the market we operate

Our Mission

To be able to provide cost-effective, innovation based superior quality pharmaceutical products across the globe, to improve the lives of the patients.
Purpose :We aim at providing high-quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices which help our patients in leading healthier lives.
Value: We believe in innovation, and maintaining the superior quality of products is our top priority.
Business: We function at a global level and deliver best quality pharmaceutical products to all sections of the society.
Reach: Our global presence makes pharmaceutical products available to all.
Customer: Our customer-centric approach makes us deliver top quality medicines at affordable prices to people who need them the most.

Qualified Doctors

Our qualified Doctor Suggests better product response to patients. For authentic ayurveda, we constantly achieve the perfect blend of tried-and-trusted wisdom with the trials and tests of modern science.


Pharmacists are the pillars of pharma industries (Our pharmacists experienced & qualified) they are having good knowledge of drugs & they plays a key role in quality & safety of drug products.

Human Resources

Human Resources is the main base of every organization. They are the set of people who make up the work force of an organization. They are well qualified & talent management team. They are tasked with maximizing employee productivity & carrier assistance.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs team consists of well qualified person who, plays a key role in registration of drug products. They provide all the regulatory assistance required for the registration as per the guidelines of the exporting countries.

Administrative Staffs

They are well qualified team responsible for all the administration works. As well as they controls all the management activities.

Marketing & Sales Professionals

Marketing & sales team are the supportive team of the company. The support team consists of technical & expert panel. These two panels together strive for smooth functioning of the portal. The panels obligate non-tiring customer’s supports for the clients.



Try out our suppliment & enjoy the healthiest life.